Computer Science, Engineering and Technology


  1. Australasian Journal of Information Systems
  2. ARPN Journal of Systems and Software
  3. Advances in Human-Computer Interaction
  4. Advances in Multimedia
  5. African Journal of Information and Communication Technology
  6. Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology
  7. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology
  8. CLEI Electronic Journal
  9. Computer Software
  10. Computers in Higher Education Economics Review
  11. Crosstalk : Journal of Defense Software Engineering
  12. Computational Linguistics
  13. Data Science Journal
  14. E-learning and Education
  15. e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning
  16. Edu tec
  17. Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation
  18. Engineering Letters
  19. European Journal of Information Systems
  20. Hellenic Open University Journal of Informatics
  21. Human Technology
  22. IAENG International Journal of Computer Science
  23. INFOCOMP Journal Of Computer Science
  24. Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management
  25. Introduction to Algorithms, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
  26. Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal
  27. Information Technology Journal
  28. International Journal of Computer Science & Applications
  29. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  30. International Journal of Computer and Information Science and Engineering
  31. Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  32.  International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security
  33. International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
  34. International Journal of Reviews in computing
  35. International Journal of Computer Processing Of Languages (IJCPOL)
  36. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Creative Engineering
  37. International Journal of Advances in Computing and Information Technology
  38. International Journal of Computational Engineering Research
  39. International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science & Technology
  40. International Journal of Computing Communication and Networking Research
  41. International Journal of Applied Research in Computer Science and Information Technology
  42. Journal of Community Informatics
  43. Journal of Computer Science / Information Technology
  44. Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations
  45. Journal of Multimedia
  46. Journal of Networks
  47. Journal on Satisfiability, Boolean Modeling and Computation
  48. Journals in Mathematics
  49. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
  50. Journal Of Artificial Intelligence Research
  51. Journal Of Statistical Software
  52. Journal of Artificial Intelligence
  53. Journal of Software Engineering
  54. ISRN Artificial Intelligence
  55. ISRN Bioinformatics
  56. ISRN Communications and Networking
  57. ISRN Computational Mathematics
  58. ISRN Computer Graphics
  59. ISRN Machine Vision
  60. ISRN Software Engineering
  61. Logical Methods In Computer Science
  62. MIT Computational Linguistics
  63. Open Applied Informatics Journal
  64. PLOS Computational Biology
  65. Research Journal of Information Technology
  66. Scalable Computing : Practice and Experience
  67. Theory of Computing
  68. The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE)
  69. The Journal of Object Technology
  70. Trends in Bio-Informatics
  1. Algorithm                                                                        
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Computer Networks & Communications
  5. Distributed Sensor Networks
  6. Fuzzy Systems
  7. Soft Computing
  8. Digital Information Management                               
  9. E-Technology
  10. Intelligent Computing
  11. Multimedia Processing & Technologies
  12. Information Technology Review
  13. Information & System Management
  14. Data Processing
  15. Information Organization
  16. Web Applications
  17. Current  Trends in Information Technology    
  18. Journal of Computer Technology & Applications