Agricultural Engineering

1.   African Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR)

2.   Agriculture and Food Sciences Research international open access journal

3.   Agricultural Journals

4.   Agricultural – Open Access Journal

5.   Agricultural Research & Technology: Open Access Journal (ARTOAJ)

6.   Agricultural Sciences – Global Science Research Journals

7.   AIMS Agriculture and Food is an international Open Access journal 

8.   American Journal of Agricultural Science, Engineering and Technology (AJASET)

9.   Asian Economic and Social Society Journals

10. Asian Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences (AJAFS)

11. Australian Journal of Agricultural Engineering

12. Consortium for e-resources in Agricultural

13. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

14. International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

15. International Journal of Horticulture & Agriculture (IJHA)

16. International journal of Agricultural and Food Research (IJAFR)

17. International Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology” (IJAGET)

18. International Journal of Advance Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

19. International Journal of Scientific Research in Agricultural Sciences

20. International Journal of Food, Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences (JFAV)

21. International Journal of Advances in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (IJAAEE)

22. International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

23. International Journal of Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology

24. International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research

25. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology

26. International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology (IJARIT)

27. International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences (IJAB)

28. International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology (IJEAB)

29. International Journal of Current Agricultural Sciences

30. Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences

31. Journal of Agricultural Journals

32. Journal of Agricultural Science (JAS)

33. Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science

34.  Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development (AJARD)

35. Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences (JEBAS)

36. Journal of Plant Sciences and Agricultural Research

37. Journal of Agriculture and Food Technology (JAFT)

38. MAYFEB Journal of Agricultural Science

39. Plant Knowledge Journal (PKJ)

40. Research in Agricultural Engineering (RAE)

41. Science Media – Agricultural Engineering Journals

42. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

43. The Journal of Agricultural Science

44. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology (TURJAF)