Articles 2014-15

01/02/2015 14:32

1. A Fuzzy Approach For Representative Node Selection In Cross Layer Tcp.pdf (676,7 kB) - Dr. S. Arumugam and A. Chandrasekar

2. An Analytical Study On 2D Ultrasound Fetalanatomy Measurement.pdf (470,3 kB) - R.Mehaboobathunnisa, A.A.Haseena Thasneem, Dr.M.Mohammed Sathik, Dr.S.Arumugam

3. Irrevocable Cryptographic Key generation from Multi-biometric images.pdf (445,2 kB) - G.Mary Amirtha Sagayee, S.Arumugam, B.Periyanayagi and D.S.AnandhaMala

4. Odium Piperis Fungus Indentification for Piper Betel Plants Using Digital Image Processing.pdf (467,5 kB) - J.Vijayakumar, Dr. S.Armugam

5. Multilayer Shelter Approach of Adaptive K-bit Embedding for Biometric Template Protection.pdf (822,6 kB) - G.MaryAmirtha Sagayee, Dr.S.Arumugam, Dr.G.S.AnandhaMala

6. Multi-Modal Facial Recognition Based on Improved Principle Component Analysis with Eigen Vector Feature Selection.pdf (500,4 kB) - A. Manchula and S. Arumugam 

7. Novel Iris Recognition Algorithm without Normalization Phase.pdf (607,7 kB) - R.P. Ramkumar and Dr. S. Arumugam

8. Powdery Mildew Disease Identification in Karpoori Variety of Betel Vine Plants using Histogram Based Techniques.pdf (1,1 MB) - J.Vijayakumar, Dr. S.Armugam

9. Prevalence of Computer Vision Syndrome among Information Technology Professionals Working in Chennai.pdf (152,3 kB) - Seshadhri Arumugam, Krishna Kumar, Raja Subramani and Satheesh Kumar

10. Cryptography and the Optimization Heuristics Techniques.pdf (548,8 kB) - P. Saveetha, Dr.S.Arumugam, K.Kriuthikadevi

11. Design of adaptive filter by partial product delay multiplication in Wallace tree multiplier.pdf (916,8 kB) - Dr.Marimuthu C.N.,  Sudha SA

12. Detection and recognition of the text through connected component clustering and non text filtering.pdf (322,4 kB) - Dr.Marimuthu C.N.,  K.Thilagaraj, Arulmozhi.P

13. A novel approach for severity classification of retinal lesions using ANN classifier.pdf (660,7 kB) - Dr.Marimuthu C.N., Yamunarani.V, P.Sukumar

14.Review of digital control schemes for active power filters.pdf (236,8 kB) - Dr.Marimuthu C.N., G. Arthy

15. Study of Reed Solomon Encoders and its Architectures.pdf (164,9 kB) - Marimuthu, C. N. and. Deepa. A

16. Anti-Collision of Vehicles by an Automatic Speed Reduction Intelligent System.pdf (286 kB) - Dr. C.N. Marimuthu and P.Viknesh

17.An Efficient reversible data hiding scheme based on two dimensional difference histogram modification of pixel differences.pdf (380,7 kB) - Santhiya.K, P.Premkumar, Ashok.T

18. Estimating Paper In Variable Gain Relaying On Imperfect CSI.pdf (233,3 kB) - T.G.Dhaarani and P.Vinoth Kumar

19. Wide Fan-In gates for Combinational circuits using CCD.pdf (289,9 kB) - R. Meena Kanimozhi and S.Mekala

20. Denoising Framework Using Switching Bilateral Filter.pdf (322,8 kB) - Srinevasan.M, Balajee.B

29. ANFIS Based Vecor Controlled Induction Motor Drive.pdf (545,8 kB) - Satheesh. A., Alin Maria George

30. Harmonic Compensation and Reactive Power Support Using Ultracapacitor with Shunt Active Filter in Distribution system.pdf (429,4 kB) - Satheesh. A, A.Sathya Priyanka

31. Implementation of Wireless Patient Body Monitoring System using RTOS.pdf (322,4 kB) - Satheesh. A and Gunalan.M.C

32. Implementation of Automatic Real Time System for Industrial Monitoring Using μCOS-II.pdf (371537) - Satheesh. A and Prasath.A

33. Neuro Fuzzy Based Auxilary Switch Control of a Bidirectional DC-D Converter.pdf (1571803) - Satheesh. A, Manoj Kumar.R

39. Performance Analysis of Grid Connected Single Phase PV Inverter Using Pi Controller.pdf (1539911) - Dr. Balachandran. M, G.B. Mohankumar, S. Raj Kumar